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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pacy Philanthropy

As a mom we all have these moments.  The humiliating ones where we think, "Oh no how did I end up here."  You know what I mean.  When your seemingly wonderful child ends up in a kicking & screaming tantrum on the dirty grocery store floor or when you realize you forgot to brush their teeth for the last couple of days.  One of mine came this week when I just had one to many whiny requests for the pacy.  How did my 3 year old end up with this serious pacy addiction?  Yes 3 year old!  It was time to kick this pacy habit for good.

So how did I end up here?  Well you know all the usual excuses...

1.  Hadley was getting a new baby sister, how could I take away her comfort?
2.  She was transitioned to a new bedroom and we wanted to avoid too many changes at once.
3.  Her sister Charlie has a pacy now so it just did not seen fair.
4.  I have had mono and strep throat for the past 2 months along with a colicky baby and just could not face more crying.

But honestly it just comes down to the simple fact that we are here because we never took the pacy away.  On the contrary we made sure we never left the house without it.  I do believe that the problems with children all come down to how they are parented.  So here we are...Bad. Mom. Moment.  Let's turn this around with some good ol' pacy philanthropy.

Dear Babies,
My name is Hadley.  I just turned 3 years old.  That means I am a big girl, not a baby anymore.  Pacy's are for babies.  That is why I am sending all of my pacy's to you, babies.  I know you will love them because I have a baby sister, Charlie and she loves her green pacy.