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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunshine Sundays featured today on Spearmint Baby!

Check out todays room feature on Spearmint Baby.  Looks familiar, right?  We are thrilled to be featured on Spearmint Baby, a Top Baby Blog, that inspires us daily!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Toddler Tip Tuesday's: Eating Veggies

We love to make this Green Smoothie Recipe to be sure Hadley is getting veggies as well as fruit.  She loves them and so do we.  It is a great breakfast to make on the run.  My blender is a travel cup so I make it right in there and pour some into Hadley's cup on our way out to drink in the car.

Ingredients: 1 Banana, 1 handful of frozen blueberry's, 6 or 7 frozen strawberry's and a handful of spinach.
Put it all in the Blender and fill with water.


I had some extra spinach so here was yesterdays lunch of fresh whole wheat tortilla pizzas.  Sometimes simple food is the best and this was so yummy.  Just 4 ingredients: Tortilla, Hummus, Spinach & Tomatoes seasoned with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday Scouting

On Sunday nights I want to start sharing things from the week that I saw and loved.  I know that I have already failed you readers by giving you the first Sunday Scouting post on Monday afternoon.  I will get better at that.  

Currently I don't have the budget to buy these things so blogging about them makes me feel one step closer to owning them.  However in these tough financial times for everyone I wonder if others do things like this too.  Do you?  

Especially those of us with young families when there are so many more responsible things to spend our money on like college savings plans.  Somehow writing the monthly college saving plan check does not generate quite as much excitement as looking at these gorgeous little trinkets below.  So here they are....

1.  Watermelon Summer dress, shabby apple  Is it the dress or the girl that makes this so adorable?  I can't decide.  All I know is the combination of the two is almost too cute to bear.  

2.  All-in-one skirt, Baby Gap  I just love the idea of this.  I mean the Mary Jane socks & tights was just the most brilliant step forward in hosiery design for babies and then Gap goes and connects it to a ruffle skirt!  The multitasker in me blushes at the ingenuity of it all.  Three great fashion pieces in one, brilliant!

3.  Retro Airplane Baby Spoon, Perpetual Kid  OK, I know we have all seen these airplane shaped spoons before but I particularly love the fact that the airplane is wooden.  I could just see Santa's elves working on this at the North Pole.  My daughter, Hadley always eats better when I turn the spoon into a plane, train or kid going down a slide.  Her current favorite being the kid climbing up the stairs, then sliding down the slide.  Sometimes she won't open her mouth for the kid going down the slide; at this point I make him fall on the ground and cry.  She then develops that crease between her eyebrows, a look of grave concern, then opens her mouth and eats it.  Just so he will stop crying.  I have such a lovely little girl.  Oh and by the way all of this is done with a non-transport shaped spoon.  Imagination is a wonderful thing!
4.  We all scream for ice cream cake recipe, Better Homes and Gardens  I love to make creative cakes but don't possess the patience, skills or tools to do anything like this...

That is why I LOVE this we all scream for ice cream cake recipe from Better Homes and Gardens.  It is delightful, easy and will be Hadley's 3rd birthday cake for sure!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jasper Conran Spring/Summer 2011

I used to work for Jasper Conran, in women's wear production, when we lived in London.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the color palette he used in the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection at Somerset House this past Sunday.  I love the print pictured below.

Watch the full show here, Jasper Conran SS11 

Overall, the collection displayed a breezy flow, accented with that crisp British tailoring, that Jasper does so well.  His use of hats in the styling of each look was spot on!  I see many perfect "Royal Ascot" looks for the posh set here.

Oh, and I must mention this on names, I have always loved the name Jasper for a boy.  A boy named Jasper would grow up to be the perfect English gentleman for sure.  Or an amazing "camp" fashion designer.  I would fancy either for a son.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I Wore The Jae C Maie Edition

So I was talking to my bestie Jolie the other day about her blog and other blogs we both love. A few months ago, Jolie introduced me to one called, "What I Wore" and I have been hooked ever since.  It is a style blog by Jessica, who snaps a photo of herself just about every day and creates a style file for her readers.  Of course you get hooked on her super cute style but what a great idea, right?

I mentioned to Jolie in our conversation that she should do a "What I Wore",  Jae C Maie edition, as a feature on her blog, asking her customers and readers to submit a photo of themselves wearing a piece of her jewelry, so we can see how they styled it and how it enhanced their outfits.  Isn't it just amazing what a good necklace can do for a plain T-shirt sometimes?

Jolie one upped this entire idea by launching it into a contest and whoever submits the best "most creative" shot wins a free piece of jewelery!  So I wanted to share with you all my very own Jae C Maie "What I Wore" submission.  I hope I win!

As a prelude to all this, I have to say that at 32 weeks pregnant, I approach snapping ANY photos of myself with much trepidation.  However I will do just about anything for my BFF Jolie and I knew exactly which Jae C Maie piece I had to style out.

About 6 months ago Jolie got her hands on some old NYC subway tokens that were used before the Metrocard.  Unfortunately, NYC phased these tokens out in 2003, for full use of the metrocard.

As soon as I heard about these, I knew I had to have a piece made from one of the 4 tokens she aquired and I placed my pre-order.  You see, to me this is just so much more than a treasure from NYC's past.  It is a treasure from just about one of the very best times in my life.  I met Jolie when we were both students at FIT in 1999 and we explored the city together on these tokens.

Here is a photo of the gorgeous necklace she made me:

And here is my personal Jae C Maie Style Edition .....

Oh and if any of my fellow expectant mom friends want to see a link to some seriously great maternity style, another great style bloggers' site is "Jen Loves Kev" especially this 9.01.10 post

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Toddler Tip Tuesday's: The Big Room Reveal

Today will be the first of my regular weekly Toddler Tip Tuesday posts.  I could not think of a better way to kick off my new weekly tradition than by sharing the photos of Hadley's big girl room design with links to where you can find the elements.  I am still working on two small projects in her room that I will feature in a later post.  Enjoy!
Overstuffed Rocker, Big Lots
Table and Chairs, Christmas Tree Shops
Vinyl Wall Decal, Decor Designs Etsy Custom Order

Sunshine Light Fixture, IKEA

Shelving, IKEA

Wooden Puzzles, Playskool Vintage

Fabric Blocks, Dwell Studio
Fabric Ice Cream & Cake Set, IKEA

Monogram Painting, Made lovingly by Mommy

Knit Dolls, Blabla

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunshine & Slate

I heart Etsy so when I signed in this morning I was THRILLED to see this treasury picked by one mipetrunich.  It is the same colors as my Blog!   And to top it all off it is adorably entitled Sunshine & Slate.  What bliss.  If I won the lotto I would sign on right now and buy each and every lovely piece.  In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I DIE"!

If any of you readers don't know about Etsy you need to now. is a place to buy and sell all things handmade and the sellers are some seriously talented people.  A few of whom are my wonderfully creative friends, see these etsy shops,

Sunshine and Slate

Friday, September 17, 2010

Forest Bright, Forest Night

Hadley's new bedroom. I am so excited to share this project. As a matter of fact being able to show the big girl room was one of my main reasons for creating Sunshine Sundays.  I had so much fun putting together Hadley's new bedroom.  Full room pictures will be up shortly but for now here is a teaser with a few of the room elements.
Ikea Light Fixture

Pillow from Cannon Kids Bedding Collection

Vinyl Wall Decal from Decor Design, Etsy
IKEA Shelving 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.", William Shakespeare

Ah names.  Not sure if I can agree with Juliet there Mr. Shakespeare.  Sure maybe it should not hold so much weight in your context of love amongst the family feud and all but when it comes to a beautiful new baby what great power and responsibility we hold in choosing names for our children.  I feel the weight of this task like it is my job (my full time 40 hour a week job for 40 weeks of pregnancy).  As you may know we already have our gorgeous Hadley Clara.  A name that I am so in love with and fits our Hadley so perfectly that I thought we could never find any other to compare.  As a matter of fact I am still not too sure.  

So at 31 weeks pregnant with the countdown to baby girl no. 2 in sight this is a subject that is on my mind quite a bit.  And I think we have chosen our name.  Which will be reveled to all 2 readers of this brand new blog at the birth in approximately 9! weeks.  However yet again I dither.  The feeling is like after you buy your wedding dress and obsess over glossy bridal magazines wondering if there was a better dress out there?  Well at least I do things like that.  If you did not already have that idea from my first post about dithering over everything to do with this blog, I have already redesigned the template 10 times and changed blog name twice, then you should now know this about me.  I dither.  A self professed multiple personality Gemini  I am through and through.

In my quest to find a great name I have come across a few charming baby name blogs that I wanted to share here:

Best Blogs
A Name by any other rose
Names- from Adam to Eve
You can't call it it

Anyone else know of good baby naming resources?

Sunday, September 12, 2010


After toying with this blog idea and putting it off for about a year I have decided to just go for it.  And you know it was exactly things like this (the first post) that made me put it off for so long.  As I sit here creating the BLOG ... (blah, blah, blogging already) I could just easily stop and put it off for another year with the angst of picking the perfect name, most beautiful layout, & how to sign posts.  But alas I will dither no longer.  So here we are.  Creation.