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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Scouting no. 2

On Sundays I want to start sharing things from the week that I saw and loved.  Here is Sunday Scouting no. 2, Something for everyone.

For the Blogger/Graphic Artist: 
1.  Free Handwriting Fonts, font space  I was looking to redesign my blogs header earlier this week and wanted a handwritten look.  I love so many of the fonts found here and seeing these got my creative mind in action!  It really helped to visualize the look by customizing with the exact text, size and color, like this......
vtks study font
English Essay font
LT Chickenhawk font

2.  Buttons and blinkies, shabby blogs  What more can I say other then, "bling for your blog", as Megan, the creator of shabby blogs, describes it.  On the about page I read that Megan is a stay at home mom to three little girls.  I could have guessed.  These trinkets are oh-so-pretty and girly.  Thanks Megan!  I put the "If you are here, you are awesome." button on my blog.

For the Little Boy
1.  Racing track tape, The Tribe Store  OK so I realized after last weeks Sunday Scouting that it was pretty girl specific and some of my mommy friends with little men may be feeling left out.  Well, how cool is this racing track tape!  Even Hadley would love this.  Paired with a couple wooden cars, trucks or ambulances and you have a great unique and inexpensive gift at $16!

2.  Dachshund Bookends, Giggle  Yes I will admit that perhaps this find should be labeled, "for the rich little boy....", because at $150 these are some pretty pricey bookends.  But they are Jonathan Adler's which makes them worth it for sure.
For the New Mom
1.  Red Velvet Cake Diaper Bag, Petunia pickle bottom  Holy diaper bag!  This thing is amazingly beautiful.  When have we ever before or ever again described a diaper bag, yes a diaper bag, with these words, "vintage inspired floral European cut velvet with coordinating crimson tweed."  For some reason (READ: the talented designers do not want to be knocked off immediately) I cannot pull the picture from this site.  So just click above, trust me it is a worth a marvel.

For the Crafty
1.  Green, Red and Blue!  High waisted skirt, Blog post from Sophie Slim  Sophie is a new follower of Sunshine Sundays and I love reading her blog too!  She is from New Zealand.  If your reading this Sophie, how did you find Sunshine Sundays?  I was totally inspired to take a sewing class and make this pattern after seeing this.  Thanks Sophie!

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out!! How exciting for me :) Love your list, especially the fonts - I'm going to download some now! :D

    Also, I had a dream about your blog last night, you changed your layout (much like I did actually) crazy!