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Thursday, September 16, 2010

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.", William Shakespeare

Ah names.  Not sure if I can agree with Juliet there Mr. Shakespeare.  Sure maybe it should not hold so much weight in your context of love amongst the family feud and all but when it comes to a beautiful new baby what great power and responsibility we hold in choosing names for our children.  I feel the weight of this task like it is my job (my full time 40 hour a week job for 40 weeks of pregnancy).  As you may know we already have our gorgeous Hadley Clara.  A name that I am so in love with and fits our Hadley so perfectly that I thought we could never find any other to compare.  As a matter of fact I am still not too sure.  

So at 31 weeks pregnant with the countdown to baby girl no. 2 in sight this is a subject that is on my mind quite a bit.  And I think we have chosen our name.  Which will be reveled to all 2 readers of this brand new blog at the birth in approximately 9! weeks.  However yet again I dither.  The feeling is like after you buy your wedding dress and obsess over glossy bridal magazines wondering if there was a better dress out there?  Well at least I do things like that.  If you did not already have that idea from my first post about dithering over everything to do with this blog, I have already redesigned the template 10 times and changed blog name twice, then you should now know this about me.  I dither.  A self professed multiple personality Gemini  I am through and through.

In my quest to find a great name I have come across a few charming baby name blogs that I wanted to share here:

Best Blogs
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Anyone else know of good baby naming resources?


  1. Yes! Nameberry. Go to their Message Boards and give them your baby name + the sibling name and these people will be just as obsessed as you are.

  2. Congratulations on expecting a new little one! I think that we had a harder time picking out a girl's name than the boy's name. In the end I know we picked the best name - I can't imagine Cassandra as any of the other names we had as contenders on the list. ;)

    And on dithering - amen!

  3. Thanks Eve. I love Cassandra's name it is unique yet also timeless and classic. You served her well my friend. Thanks for checking out the Blog!