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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday Scouting

On Sunday nights I want to start sharing things from the week that I saw and loved.  I know that I have already failed you readers by giving you the first Sunday Scouting post on Monday afternoon.  I will get better at that.  

Currently I don't have the budget to buy these things so blogging about them makes me feel one step closer to owning them.  However in these tough financial times for everyone I wonder if others do things like this too.  Do you?  

Especially those of us with young families when there are so many more responsible things to spend our money on like college savings plans.  Somehow writing the monthly college saving plan check does not generate quite as much excitement as looking at these gorgeous little trinkets below.  So here they are....

1.  Watermelon Summer dress, shabby apple  Is it the dress or the girl that makes this so adorable?  I can't decide.  All I know is the combination of the two is almost too cute to bear.  

2.  All-in-one skirt, Baby Gap  I just love the idea of this.  I mean the Mary Jane socks & tights was just the most brilliant step forward in hosiery design for babies and then Gap goes and connects it to a ruffle skirt!  The multitasker in me blushes at the ingenuity of it all.  Three great fashion pieces in one, brilliant!

3.  Retro Airplane Baby Spoon, Perpetual Kid  OK, I know we have all seen these airplane shaped spoons before but I particularly love the fact that the airplane is wooden.  I could just see Santa's elves working on this at the North Pole.  My daughter, Hadley always eats better when I turn the spoon into a plane, train or kid going down a slide.  Her current favorite being the kid climbing up the stairs, then sliding down the slide.  Sometimes she won't open her mouth for the kid going down the slide; at this point I make him fall on the ground and cry.  She then develops that crease between her eyebrows, a look of grave concern, then opens her mouth and eats it.  Just so he will stop crying.  I have such a lovely little girl.  Oh and by the way all of this is done with a non-transport shaped spoon.  Imagination is a wonderful thing!
4.  We all scream for ice cream cake recipe, Better Homes and Gardens  I love to make creative cakes but don't possess the patience, skills or tools to do anything like this...

That is why I LOVE this we all scream for ice cream cake recipe from Better Homes and Gardens.  It is delightful, easy and will be Hadley's 3rd birthday cake for sure!

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