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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I Wore The Jae C Maie Edition

So I was talking to my bestie Jolie the other day about her blog and other blogs we both love. A few months ago, Jolie introduced me to one called, "What I Wore" and I have been hooked ever since.  It is a style blog by Jessica, who snaps a photo of herself just about every day and creates a style file for her readers.  Of course you get hooked on her super cute style but what a great idea, right?

I mentioned to Jolie in our conversation that she should do a "What I Wore",  Jae C Maie edition, as a feature on her blog, asking her customers and readers to submit a photo of themselves wearing a piece of her jewelry, so we can see how they styled it and how it enhanced their outfits.  Isn't it just amazing what a good necklace can do for a plain T-shirt sometimes?

Jolie one upped this entire idea by launching it into a contest and whoever submits the best "most creative" shot wins a free piece of jewelery!  So I wanted to share with you all my very own Jae C Maie "What I Wore" submission.  I hope I win!

As a prelude to all this, I have to say that at 32 weeks pregnant, I approach snapping ANY photos of myself with much trepidation.  However I will do just about anything for my BFF Jolie and I knew exactly which Jae C Maie piece I had to style out.

About 6 months ago Jolie got her hands on some old NYC subway tokens that were used before the Metrocard.  Unfortunately, NYC phased these tokens out in 2003, for full use of the metrocard.

As soon as I heard about these, I knew I had to have a piece made from one of the 4 tokens she aquired and I placed my pre-order.  You see, to me this is just so much more than a treasure from NYC's past.  It is a treasure from just about one of the very best times in my life.  I met Jolie when we were both students at FIT in 1999 and we explored the city together on these tokens.

Here is a photo of the gorgeous necklace she made me:

And here is my personal Jae C Maie Style Edition .....

Oh and if any of my fellow expectant mom friends want to see a link to some seriously great maternity style, another great style bloggers' site is "Jen Loves Kev" especially this 9.01.10 post

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  1. Congrats on #2. You have a great looking bump! :)
    I'm a mumma of two girls. 2 and 7 months. Love how you're keeping your style up even with little one! I'm your latest follower.